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About Us

Inspired by our brand translation which in Latin means

“fluent; fully developed | complete | finished; perfect | pure”,

we focus on providing efficient, sustainable business models, quality service and customer satisfaction.

Digital Designs
SEO Strategies
Web Security
Statistical Maniacs

We operate in Specialist Niche Markets


Web re-design is our bread and butter. We eat, sleep and rave about this every single hour of every single day. Packaged with our Statistical Analysis, SEO Strategies and Unique Two-Way Social Media Integration, we design user-behaviour driven websites with optimum interaction while keeping the aesthetic look. Bring your ideas to us and see how we make them come alive driven by tangible targets and goals.

SEO Strategies - Apsolutus.co.zaFIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE?  IT SHOULD BE A GIVEN …

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is the process of optimising your Website, Social Media and Online Presence in order for Google and other Search Engines to rank your website organically (for free).

Hiring a SEO agency can be complex, as you won’t know if you will actually get the return on your investment as promised.

We understand this, so we are offering to improve one of your search terms ranked on Google, FREE of charge. Supply us with a list of 5 keywords, we will choose one, make the changes required and give you the results, NO OBLIGATION.


Considering the amount of malicious activity that takes place on the internet, it’s no surprise that successful attacks on websites are launched across a wide variety of vectors. Whether outdated plugin code is to blame, or password re-use, or any number of other security flaws, no site owner or developer sets out to introduce a vulnerability into their environment. Ultimately any security issue begins with a mistake, and while mistakes are forgivable there’s still risk involved if they’re not discovered and remedied.

Our Comprehensive Security Solutions include an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect your site. Our Threat Defense Feed arms your website with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe. Rounded out by a suite of additional features, our approach is the most comprehensive security solution available.

Statistical Analysis - Apsolutus.co.zaSAY GOODBYE TO GUESSWORK!

Thought-out and Relevant Statistics are our passion.  We base ANY and ALL design decisions of your website on supported statistical information and user-driven behaviour. We actively analyse what users want, care about and interact with on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behavior with our Heat Maps.

Then we identify usability issues by watching recordings of real visitors on your site as they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across pages.

The result is that we can find the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by identifying on which page and at which step most visitors are leaving your site.

We obviously also include the usual commonly used Set of Statistics, including:

  • Visitor Data Records including IP, Referring Site, Browser, Search Engine, Operating System, and Country
  • Stunning Graphs and Visual Statistics
  • Visitor’s Country Recognition
  • The number of Visitors coming from each Search Engine
  • The number of Referrals from each Referring Site
  • Top 10 – Common Browsers; Countries with Most Visitors; Most-Visited Pages; Referring sites
  • Hits Time-Based Filtering
  • Statistics on Contents based on Categories, Tags, and Writers
  • Statistical Reporting Emails
  • And much more information represented in graphs & charts along with data filtering


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